Types of materials

Frame Workshop on Esplanadna 20 has been operating since 2000. Many years of experience and professionalism of our masters allows us to create projects of any complexity on an individual order.

About choosing

A variety of options: how to buy frames for any request.

Different types of custom frame are offered in our studio. They differ in material of manufacture, structure, price. If the frame is chosen well, it will emphasize the style and emphasize the image. At the same time, the interior will play with new colors, it will be pleasant, harmonious, which creates a positive mood. You can buy frame or order them according to an individual project. Production terms are determined individually. If necessary, the project will be completed on the same day.

The following types of frames are available:

The wooden frame profile is ideal for those rooms that are made in a classic style.;It can be smooth or carved, colored or not. The material is environmentally friendly, its appearance is beautiful and noble.

Aluminum frame are a combination of lightness and strength. Ideal for rooms where minimalism is the basis. Suitable for framing graphics and photos in black and white.

Plastic frame are affordable. Their advantage is a wide selection of colors. Using plastic profiles, you can copy the structure of valuable wood species.

Buy photo frames - remember the best events in life!

Our frame workshop offers a selection of stylish and original photo frames. They can be ordered from the catalog, and manufacturing according to the project is also provided. Photos contain memories of important people and important events in our lives. That is why you need to pay special attention to their design.

You can buy photo frames to emphasize its significance and highlight it in space. But frame and passepartout should be a continuation of the image. They need to reveal it to the viewer.

The main nuances when choosing a frame are as follows: its color depends on the tone of the photo. A light image should be framed with a white or beige custom frame, a dark one with black, brown, etc.

To expand the space of the photo, to focus attention on its content, you can use modern trends. For bright images, order a white passepartout and a thin black frame. You can buy photo frames right now by contacting our workshop.

How to choose the right passepartout and buy the right option?

Passepartout is a thick colored cardboard (or similar) that frames a picture, photo or graphic drawing. It is the field between the frame and the image. A properly selected mount for pictures together with a frame will balance the work or emphasize its depth.

How to choose the right background between the image and the frame? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. Each picture or photo is brightness, individuality. In some projects, it is necessary to hide the shortcomings, in others, to emphasize the advantages. If you do not know which passepartout to buy for an image, ask for help from professionals. Specialists of frames workshops in Kyiv have secrets thanks to which they will choose the ideal option.

When choosing related tones, the image is visually enlarged. With contrast, the color accents of the picture/photo stand out. But here you need to be careful, otherwise the framing will draw all the attention to itself.

Classics for passe-partout are cream shades. They are neutral and harmoniously combined with any images. White, black and gray tones are often used. But they are not always suitable for color pictures and photos. White contributes to the visual expansion of the image. Black gives the work sharpness and contrast. But he can create a difficult atmosphere, which must be taken into account during the elections.

The width of the passe-partout is 5 cm. However, you can change the dimensions if you wish. If you haven't done it before, contact our experts first. They will tell you whether you should increase or decrease the size, what the changes will lead to. Perhaps they will visually distort the picture, place the wrong accents.

Buy frames and passepartout in our workshop! After visiting our studio, you will be satisfied with the result. Experienced specialists will help you design any image or embroidery, immortalize a souvenir or a commemorative certificate. You are offered the manufacture of frames at the best prices. At the same time, deadlines are strictly observed, high-quality materials and modern technologies are used.

You can buy photo frames now. If you want originality and individuality, then order design according to your own project. Frames for icons, for liquid crystal TVs and furniture are also available to you. Our rich experience, professional equipment, artistic approach and bright imagination allow us to create frames in Kyiv of any complexity. Use the services of professionals to update the interior, set accents and get quality work at an affordable price.