About a month ago, I ordered eight picture frames from the frames workshop on Esplanade. She herself is a semi-professional artist and has been applying to various companies for a long time. And very often it happened that certain problems arose in their work. When I contacted this workshop, I was very pleased that they promised to make my order the same day. At the same time, it is not necessary to make an additional payment. And indeed, that same evening, they called me and informed me that I could pick up my order. However, I took it the next day (there was simply no time). I was satisfied with the work, the quality did not suffer one drop from the speed of execution. I continue to work with them even now. This frame workshop is an ideal option in terms of price/quality/speed of order fulfillment.


I am engaged in interior design and interior decoration. Different frames are often needed. She started working with this frames workshop since 2002. It was recommended to me by friends who gave only positive comments about them. She made sure of this herself. I continue cooperation to this day. What I really like about their work is competent communication with customers and an individual approach to each order. They always listened to my wishes, and the work was really done at the highest level. I recommend that you also use the services of the frames workshop on Esplanadnaya. They are really able to please both with their choice and their approach to work, and the prices don't bite.


I recently ordered photo frames. I like that the apartment is always cozy and homely. I was satisfied with the work done, and if necessary, I will order frames from this workshop in the future. Now I ordered several frames for family photos - soon the date of 10 summers of life together. I think a photo in a good frame will be a great gift. Open communication with them is very gratifying. It seems that they are always ready to welcome every customer with a smile. Thank you. I wish you only stable development and success.